How to look stylish yet comfortable in the office?

Ivana Donevska

Posted on April 25 2018

Do you always have a hard time finding the right clothes to wear every day at work? Struggling to match tops with bottoms, and heels with bags? (We feel you girl!) But besides the look you create do you also want to feel comfortable in your work-outfit!?

Well, search no more! You are in the right place.

Don’t worry nowadays, all working women have that problem. Partially because our society has created a particular image that a working woman MUST fit in to, for example when I think of a female working in an office I think of an outfit like tight pencil black skirt with a tight white shirt and stiletto heels. It’s ok if you feel comfortable and confident in that kind of outfit. But we are here to introduce you another version of office wear that will make you feel confident but oh-so-comfy too.

We have put together a sophisticated/trendy look by pairing these leather pencil pants with a vintage embroidered shirt.

Details about the products:

 These finely detailed, ankle-length, high waist leather pants are undoubtedly one of a kind.  They are made of spandex material too, so comfort guaranteed. The pocket and zipper decorations are also a part of the uniqueness. You can pair these leather pants with anything you like but we suggest you pair it with this red & black plaid vintage embroidered shirt.

The shirt will match with the pants perfectly and give you that sophisticated, yet modern style you are looking for!

The loose fit of both products will let you enjoy your day at work without your stomach hurting from the tight high waist of your skirt, or the uncomfortable material of your shirt.  Both products are an upgraded version of an everyday look that you can pair with anything else and indeed look gorgeous.


You can learn more about the products on this link:

Leather Pencil Pants-

Vintage Embroidered Shirt-


Our opinions and suggestions for you:

We believe that by feeling comfortable in your outfit you look confident on the outside. This style might seem a little challenging for some of you, but we suggest you (our readers) to embrace yourselves, step out of your comfort zone and express yourself with fashion.

Make your style and your everyday outfits fun and at the same time fashionable. Don’t wait to dress up only for an event, create a reason to look good every day. By looking good, stylish and on-trend every day you will boost your confidence and energy, and who knows you might even open doors for new opportunities!

The best part about our style is that it presents an upgraded version of an everyday look. And because of the extremely trendy and modern look of it, you can continue your night out with friends accompanied by this outfit. Because it is suitable for both the office and a night out!

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