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About Us

   It all started with an idea to create a website that provides not only quality products but descriptions about tips on how to style the products, with what to wear them, details about the material etc.

   We started with plain clothing categorize like: bottoms, tops, and dresses but that wasn’t fulfilling enough for us. Our goal wasn’t to simply sell products online but to connect with people and our customers, show more details about our products, make people feel secure when purchasing on our website. In the beginning, we started collecting various products to sell, but we didn’t notice that we had created a specific style for a certain audience; we had created an upgraded version of everyday and casual wear. After noticing that, we continued improving our website style until we came up to where we are now.

"Fashion is the art of expression"became our new motto.

   Now, we have a specific style yet we still can target any group of people with our products as they represent a cooler, funky and fun version of every personality. We have products that everybody should own because we believe that we have some event or someday where we all want to look different and play around with our style. Well, that’s what we provide you! We like to give people space and many choices to express their inner self in fashion because we believe that fashion is the art of expression.

   Some of our products look so good when paired with the right items that you can easily wear them in a New York Fashion Week Show. But not just fashion shows, our aim is to have that kind of look wherever you go. We like to provide products and information on how to look stylish and trendy on an everyday basis, but with little effort and little money, because we believe that by choosing the RIGHT clothing items and matching them with the right purse or heels you can look instantly more fashionable on an ordinary day. We also emphasize the importance of feeling comfortable in your clothes, because one of our main beliefs is that comfortable=confident and stylishness. We like presenting authentic content about our products and we will continue offering you new, state-of-the-art products with fashion tips so that you will definitely be one step ahead of others. Our future plans include more improvement in our current field and fashion style, but we also plan on expanding our horizons in other fields, so be sure to follow us.